FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the band cost?

This really depends on how long you wish Groove-a-licious to play for and the location of the venue. For exact prices please email or phone using the details on the contact page. There is no obligation and we are not as expensive as you may think for a band our size.

The band has 2 main packages available:

2 sets of 1 hour

1 set of 1 1/2 hours

From our experience the 1 set of 1 1/2 hours is more popular and successful as this enables Groove-a-licious to "work the crowd". The band can then get things going and keep them going, rather than stopping for a break just as everyone starts dancing. Backing music can be made available after Groove-a-licious has played.

How far do you travel?

Groove-a-licious is based in Taunton, Somerset. We are happy to travel to any part of the UK, however the distance will be reflected in the cost which may have to include accommodation costs if required.

How much room do you need?

We would need a minimum of 18' x 20' / 5 1/2m x 6m for performance area. This is our desired amount of space however we can fit in a bit smaller – but not a lot! It must be level, firm and dry. If you are not sure it is best contact us. If you can let us know the name of the venue we’ll be able to tell you if we have played there already or not.

How long do the band need to set up?

The band need a minimum of 1hr to set up, ideally 1hr 30 mins. After this we will need a further 20mins to change before we can perform, though backing music can be played through the PA system whilst this happens.

Do you go out as a smaller band?

No, sorry we don't. All our songs are arranged to work with the full 10 piece line up and changing this would be to the detriment of your event.

What are the bands power needs?

It is always best if we can draw power from the mains. 4 plugs stage end would be adequate, but the more the better.

We are able to draw from generators, but the band will need a 32 amp single phase with a 13amp distribution board, or 2x16 amp single phase with 13 amp distribution board. We also request that these are independent, i.e. NOT shared with catering etc as this can cause problems. To protect our equipment we do reserve the right to cancel if we assess the power supply to be inadequate.

Can you play music between breaks or before and after?

We can provide backing music before, between and for a limited time after we have finished. If you have an iPod, MP3 player or phone with your own choice of music, we are happy to play this though our PA system however, please note that this is not a disco service.

Can you play this song?

We have been asked to play specific songs for people e.g. the first dance at a wedding.

The band is able to do this as long as they have been given plenty of notice. The band may also require you to provide a copy either CD or MP3 of the song if it is not well known.

The band has an extensive catalogue of songs they are able to perform, this is constantly updated, so if there are any songs you particularly wish the band to play please let us know.

How do I book Groove-a-licious ?

Please email us on info@groove-a-licious.co.uk and we can send you a booking form that you will need to complete and return with a deposit of £200 to secure the date in the diary.

How soon in advance should I book?

As soon as you can! Our diary fills up very quickly, especially around the summer months.

We are not sure can you ‘pencil' the date in the diary'?

I'm afraid not. We are unable to hold dates for people. We work on a strictly first come, first served basis.

What is your current repertoire?

Please click here to see the current repertoire. Although we are unable to allow clients to choose the order of the set we welcome suggestions as the tracks you would like to hear and will do our very best accommodate this.

Groove-a-licious' sets will depend on the type of audience and event at each gig; some are more suited for parties and weddings and others for pubs and festivals.

Can we see you before we book?

Absolutely, we do play a number of public gigs throughout the year and would welcome you to come along, have a listen and chat (time permitting). Dates and venues can be found on the 'Gigs' page of the website plus they are also listed on out home page. If you are unable to make any of the dates there are a number of YouTube videos on the 'Media' page of the website.

Anything Else?

If you do need to know anything else, please do get in touch with us. Our email address is on the link below plus on our 'Contact Us' page. We are also on Instagram , Facebook, Twitter and You Tube


Book Us for Your Events:



Pick the perfect band for the perfect wedding. Get everyone up and dancing with some uptempo classic soul, disco and funk music to celebrate your special day.

Corporate Functions


Hire us to make your corporate event or function one to remember where the dancefloor was packed and everyone let their hair down to have a fantastic evening!



Get your party moving with a range of classic floor fillers to dance the night away. Birthdays, retirements, anniversaries or even just an excuse to have a boogie, we can cater for your event.



We play a wide range of music and have experience playing many festivals and outdoor events. We have headlined and played at many local events including Glastonbury Festival.